The Future of Improving, Measuring and Maintaining Human Capital, is Now Blockchain Technology

Human Capital is defined as the skills, knowledge, and experience possessed by an individual or population, viewed in terms of their value or cost to an organization or country.

It’s Time For Evolution


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The markets for human capital are fragmented and dysfunctional. Education is failing Business, and Business is failing People. Isolation and technology are just making it worse.
This TGE is about business education, training, and trading within a global community, using a decentralised platform of data driven insights to solve the biggest risks to personal prosperity and business growth, in any market.
This is to spark a movement about personal empowerment, an entrepreneurial shift towards collaboration and solving real problems in human achievement and value.
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Business Education and Training are Broken

There’s no global standard of trust for making informed business decisions.

The keys to lasting business value are skilled and competent teams, connections in relationships, dealing appropriately with with risk, and having the judgement to avoid catastrophic decisions.

Too Many Business Die Needlessly Through Ignorance or Stupidity

$5.8 Trillion Dollars of Global GDP is lost every year because of failing businesses all around the world


It’s time to disrupt the fragmented Business Training market

Too Many Graduates Are Underemployed or III Equipped for Work

Governments spend $28 Trillion Dollars on Education, but the cost of a college education in the USA has risen by 500% since 1985

It’s time to
create a new economy in business education

Too Many Resume’s contain false information
or fraud

33% of job seekers falsify the information on their Resume or CV every year. 51% exaggerating or making up academic degrees

It’s time to establish proof and evidence of skills attainment

Too Many Courses are designed and delivered as a waste of time

Leading academic institutions report that only 5.5% of online registered students complete their online courses


It’s time to personalise the learning experience of online learners

Solution: A Decentralised Business Education and Training Community Platform, powered by Artificial Intelligence

Enhancing Human Decision Making on What Matters Most

People need clarity, focus, frameworks and an easy way to learn and grow. They need flexibility, rewards, and achievements they can be proud of.

Global Quality Standard in Business Education and Training

  • Top 40 Competencies driving Entrepreneurial Success as a defined and verified benchmark
  • Every Course measured against the standard and accredited for a fee
  • Course design, delivery and certification for hyper – personalised learning experience in competency attainment

AI will tell us which courses to recommend and eventually create for each person’s unique profile

Immutable Proof Of Skills and Competence

  • Skills, Attainments, and Competencies badges and written into a blockchain verification wallet
  • Leveling the playing field between academic, professional, and vocational courses and experiences
  • Removing all fraud, exaggeration, and false entries for CV’s and Resume’s

AI will underpin the trust deliverable by the ‘’ of Recume’s and C.V’s

Rewards System to reinforce Desired Values and Behaviours

  • Delivering fractions of tokens as rewards to make course participation ‘sticky’ through to completion
  • Students can earn while they learn
  • Governments and Corporations can donate to, directly sponsor, and track progress, of specific interest groups or individuals


AI will create dashboards of achievement & ROI for voter and shareholder reporting

Organisational Structure and Governance

A brief explanation of the organisational structure

We intend to form two organisations serving the same strategic agenda. Both the Operating Company and the Foundation are governed by a matrix structure. Divisional Heads shall be appointed for Education, Business Training, Peer Advisory Groups, and the Foundation, each responsible for their own P&L, yet sharing common services in Finance, Marketing, Sales, HR, and Operations. This keeps specific focus on each of the diverse applications of the common blockchain technology, and ensures operational efficiencies are leveraged accordingly.

The Operating Structure, has acquired the heritage and trading history of the brand built up over the past 9 years, and this expansion will allow the company to serve the education industry, the business training and seminar industry, and the peer advisory groups industry.

eb-icon-1 (1)

Executive Boardroom is a for-profit, members only, peer to peer, business education and training community network, serving the single purpose of a significant and sustainable competitive advantage for members in their markets. This shall be achieved through better decisions, stronger activities, engaged teams, lower costs and bigger profits.

Executive Boardroom Foundation is a not for profit charity, serving foundation level activities to further the advancement of entrepreneurial and facilitated human capital initiatives in education, and training. This shall be achieved through venture philanthropy, the awarding of micro loans, small business and educational loans, grants and donations to individuals, businesses and other foundations. We are going to create a self-sustaining venture philanthropy using micro payments, business loans and some other platform charges that will go to the foundation.


The Core Executive Boardroom Platform is a combination software powered by artificial intelligence.

It provides members with 7 levels of a gamified and hyper personalised learning experience where they can complete courses and training activities for fractional rewards of token and the immutable record of achievement in competency and skills development which gets recorded to their identity wallet.

There are Courses, Online and City Based Interest Groups, a Members Directory and Seminar, Conference and Retreat activities, all of which is recorded in their personalised blockchain profile

7 levels of gamified learning experience

An Illustration of Members Experience – MVP Test Feedback

The MVP Test Group tested the Free Green level and Purple level of membership, with online courses, workshops, facilitated groups and meetings as well as some one to one coaching, as illustrated below. For the fully developed product we have increased the Online Workshop capacity to 2,000 seats per event.

A sample of Courses and Events

Ultimate Marketing Blueprint Workshop 1

This Double Workshop Series peels back the curtain to reveals the proven strategies and tactics used every day by a Professional $m Marketing Agency. You’ll finish it with a detailed and very specific set of steps and instructions to build your own high converting marketing system in less than 30 days – and a system that has never failed.

Ultimate Marketing Blueprint Course

This course is detail rich, and explains exactly what to do and in which order – to establish a digital marketing system that has never failed.

It is a blended system of the strategic and the tactical, step by step to make the most of any available marketing budget. Also, this knowledge cures “Shiny Button Syndrome” – which is that budget-fatal condition experienced by many businesses who spend money thinking that the next thing to come along, is the best thing to come along.

This process is our process – the one we used to build our own business, and the one we sell use every day to build the businesses of our client base. It also contains some common best practice, which is followed by the best, and most successful marketers on the plant – content that we have tested before recommending it.

Membership Induction

This meeting is a knowledge induction for your membership. We’ll be showing you around the platform, explaining how to get the most out of your free membership, and the carefully designed structure of the Green Level.

Ultimate Marketing Blueprint Workshop 2

This Double Workshop Series peels back the curtain to reveals the proven strategies and tactics used every day by a Professional $m Marketing Agency. You’ll finish it with a detailed and very specific set of steps and instructions to build your own high converting marketing system in less than 30 days – and a system that has never failed.

Discovering Your Potential Workshop

This Workshop means to reveal the width and breadth of all the areas which will deliver profit and strength to your business. Knowing HOW to make more money and secure growth is useless unless you know WHERE to apply that knowledge – and this Workshop covers every functional area from Marketing to Finance, Production to HR. It examines the behaviours, systems and building blocks that are essential for building a business successfully.

The Speaker Showcase

New Speakers and Subject Matter Experts are joining the moment all the time, and this session is about giving them the platform for you to get to know them. Some will have books, some will have courses, many will not. They are not being paid for their time, so we’re really fine with it if you find something valuable in what they have to offer you – but don’t misunderstand, this session is about education, entertainment or insights – not pitching.

Requirements for this session are limited to a pen and paper to take notes.

Show Off Your Superpower Workshop

This is an open mic session where you’re the Star! We’ve all got superpowers and strengths, and this session is all about you putting yourself out there and sharing your story, your business vision, your success, why you’re here! It’s not bragging – it’s sharing with the other members that you an be trusted, your pinion matters, and that they will want you in their corner when they need answers to something important. Selected Members get 7 minutes on the Mic each, and trust me that’s a LOT of time in the spotlight, and then everyone else dives in with comments, thoughts, encouragement and the rest of the members act as Resources. This is your best change at getting your brand out there to the rest of the membership, and trust me, everyone else there will want to get to know you.

The main thing you need for this Meeting is an opinion. You’ll get the best out of this meeting if you’ve already attended the Induction Meeting, and “Your Potential” Workshop where we’ll coach you on how to frame yourself for this meeting. Those getting Mic time are selected in advance so you can prepare and be ready for a great session.

How to create a World Class Course

Our Executive Boardroom team is happy you came here and are willing to create your own course on this platform. This course will give you the structured overview of four main parts of creating the course: Strategy, Production, Design and Execution. The entire membership experience is a blend of Online and Offline component platforms which makes it really easy to join. It leverages a combined power from existing social media and meeting platforms, employed Project Managers, Facilitators, Subject Matter Experts, qualified Peers, Coaches, and an Academy for Courses.


Powerful Marketing

Welcome to this Course. We’ve designed it so that the learnings from it are self contained, and the usefulness of it to your business is immediate.

It has also been designed to be part of a Series, You’ll notice that the Workbooks have Templates numbered in sequential Order, and the Lessons have subtitles which show which Module in the entire series they are part of.

This means of course, references might be made to Templates prior to this Course, or even reference Modules of learning yet to come. This does not detract from the immediacy or usefulness of this Course as a Standalone – it just means that the most obvious route to get the composite full benefit of the entire series, is to complete the entire series.

At the end of this Course, you’ll have clarified your goals and vision for the next 3 years of your success – and created a path for welcoming the opportunities and relationships necessary to bring the results you desire.

This won’t just be any plan… this will be THE plan that’s unique and perfect for YOU!

When you’re finished, if you want a Consult on the outcomes, a second pair of eyes as feedback on your thinking or want a Hot Seat discussion with the Boardroom – you can order that via the button you can find under the lesson titles. 

How It Works

Benefits for Users

The executive boardroom will deliver a powerful brand experience for the community

Course Owners

  • Accreditation with the global mark of quality
  • Better reach through the global marketplace
  • Ready made marketing infrastructure for credibility

Platform Providers

  • Blockchain Interface API
  • Better sourcing of Courses through knowledge marketplace
  • Validation of their own platforms with token utility


  • Full participation of affordable levels
  • Personalised and gamified learning and support experience
  • Immutable evidence wallets of attainment and achievement

Token Economics

Our EXB token will be used by the Operating Company, the Foundation, Accredited Partners, and Sponsors, with over [35] separate liquidity points for token utilisation.

Total Supply

8,356,450,000 token

For Sale 60%
Hard Cap

$103m USD

Foundation Token


Accepted Currencies


EXB price

1 EXB= $0.02 USD

Founders Sale

Closes 27th July

Contact us for Details

Seed Purchasers Event

June 2018

Minimum purchase

$10,000 until TGE Launch September 2018 (EST)

Maximum purchase $100,000 AML applies – Larger positions available with consultation only.
Wave Closure Dates

Founders closes 27th July


Seed Purchasers 31 August 2018


Main TGE Event October 2018 (EST)

Main TGE Event

September 2018 (EST)

Minimum purchase price


Founding Brand Partners


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