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Allocation Closed See founders section for details

Founding Partners receive additional privileges including;

  • Up to 4.5 times bonus, (for locking in their contribution for 6 months after the TGE conclusion)
  • A Global Brand Licence
  • Exclusive Events


Available Soon Allocation Not Open

  • 50% bonus for 6 month lock on
  • Min $10k, Max $100k
  • Additional Bonus for 600 days hold.

Phase Three | MAIN TGE EVENT

Available Soon Allocation Not Open

  • 30% Bonus
  • Min $250

Strategic Relationships

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Are you interested in forming a strategic relationship with us?
Or are you interested in sponsoring us?
Do you think your company could benefit from being promoted to a marketplace made up of Entrepreneurs, Directors, Managers, and all levels of business owners?
We know there is significant advantage and upside in strategic partnering. 

There are a great number of global brands and services providers to businesses that will be able to leverage our community, finding all their customers in one place. 
We anticipate significant commercial relationships in Banking, Accounting, Facilities, Commercial Fleet providers, Luxury Brands, Aviation, Technology, Marketing, and other sectors, specifically led by our CSO, Mike Warren we are at advanced stages in securing several heads of agreement with strategic partners already. But would love to partner with more companies with mutual benefits.
If you would like to chat through a possible relationship, then please fill out your details and Mike will be in contact with you shortly.
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Digital Product Owners


Are you a Digital Product Owner/Seller?

Do you make sales of educational material via your own site?

Would you like to?

1. Reduce your transaction costs to virtually zero

  1. Lower transaction costs than using fiat banking systems.
  2. Removal of merchant account chargebacks and refund charges.
  3. A significantly improved course completion rate because of the gamified token economy.
  4. More focused targeting of additional products and services, based on the data derived from the AI algorithms and predictive analytics, (taken from gamified course completion and credibility scores) which can make personalized learning pathways for jobs, competencies, and career aspirations.
  5. The unique blockchain signature afforded each Course and the Wallet integration also serves as a disincentive to Copyright theft, and illegal piracy, since any unauthorized sharing of the course or course content cannot feed the credibility scores or wallets of unapproved consumers. The result:  Platform Owners will sell more of their authentic content.
  6. Platform Owners can reach a significantly wider market population by adopting tokens and reaching the vast scale of the digitally enabled, but unbanked global population made possible because the token economy is both classless and borderless.
  7. The ability for the Platform Owners to make use of the blockchain elements will add significant marketing and brand value to their lists, through proof and trust. The Course Global Quality Standard adds credibility badges to all their courses, and feeding data into the users Credibility Score and Identity Wallets add further added benefits to each platform owner without the need to invest resources to reinvent this coding.

Then if so we are looking for partners to add our token as a way of making payment on your website.

We will be announcing soon strategic partnerships with several large digital product companies, and we are looking for more partners.

If you’d like to find out more then please fill out your details and our person in charge of strategic partnerships will get straight back to you.

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