What makes this such an opportunity?

The value in any brand, token, or product lies in the desire of the people to consume it, and the number of times, over time, they do so.

By presenting three global solutions with one ‘creative technology backbone, this token delivers exponential, repetitive usage and liquidity of a finite resource, which inflates that value.


Create the Global Quality Standard for all Courses and verify competencies with smart contracts and AI


Reinforce desired values and behaviour with a tokenised reward system to earn while learning within a varified identity wallet


Deliver immutable proof of all achievements, roles and skills in a Credibility Score

How The Token Works

  1. The Foundation shall work closely with the Operating Company to recruit token Distributors to make it easy for users to buy the token. Each of these distributors shall earn commissions, referral fees, micropayment and participation rewards
  2. The user spends EXB on their personalised learning experience on any accredited platform through the blockchain API interfaces. On Executive Boardroom, the Members shall spend EXB on offline Seminars, Workshops, City Groups, Business services, even fractional payments for wallet entries and micro loans.

    Through engagement activities, the users earn fractional micropayment on the EB platform through 7 levels of membership, adding to their airdropped Tokens to each of the member levels.

  3. The completion of activities achieves certification from the course owner, and competency verification from the Foundation, combining through predictive analytics to create a Credibility Score.
  4. A blockchain enabled Personal Identity Wallet shall keep the users token balance, adding and subtracting the micropayments. It shall hold the verified competencies, credibility score and other 3rd party verified documents. Users control all access granted to 3rd parties, creating the ‘carfax.com’ of education verification
  5. User has a personal dashboard driven by AI which will make development recommendations. Also an aggregation of anonymised data shall create commercial dashboards for interrogation by data buyers, adding to the Foundation token pool.
  6. The Identity Wallets can be used for a variety of career and prosperity development opportunities by the user

The Blockchain Schematic




We shall create Blockchain API interface which will allow the accredited partners to adopt the technology, including compliance and KYC, through the Cloud, “Platform as a Service” with a free level, enterprise and personalised level of service, replicating for all who wish to have aspects of the Executive Boardroom flagship platform, or merely adopt the components missing to their own. Thus ensuring the cyclical utility for the Token


Marketing Plan


One major underlying strength of this project is the considerable marketing experience of the team members, from global brand development, database and direct marketing, email marketing, social media and paid media networks. We shall deploy the latest high conversion strategies through a funnel stacking strategy.


Funnel Stacking Strategy


Stacking is where multiple components of software or communications are layered to create a composite outcome. In Marketing each stack compromises email, autoresponders, campaign objectives, heat maps, and tracking pixels to generate intelligent data sets from which changes and improvements can be made – each one a discrete process with measurable outcomes.


Three separate marketing stacks will drive visitors and users to the site;

  • An Organic Stack driving traffic through search engine listings, members viral sharing and public relations.
  • An Affiliate Stack where members, List Owners and Influencers are paid a commission for promoting the brand and layered offers, and,
  • A Paid Media Stack comprising Ad Networks, Social Media Advertising in Linked in and Facebook, and wider Media Buys for Direct and Traditional Media.

The objective to drive more than 2m visitors to the platform in the first 18 months, to a Free Entry Membership.

Member nurturing, draws them up through the ‘Inverted Funnel Stack’ where separate funnel sequences are layered on top of each other – each with a unique objective; to raise awareness in the user of their need to change, to influence them to consider making the change required, to encourage and thereby build the intent, before facilitation the action steps needed to deliver participation in the Membership.

Each coloured layer stack in the model uses a different combination of Psychological Needstates, Tags, Bots, Emails and Cookies drawing the user further into the benefits and desire to use the Platform and the Token – and draws the user deeper into the experience.

The stacked funnels, facilitate the various cross over points and ‘open loops’ that will come from the user experience segmentation depending on Educational institutions, the Online Academy, Seminars and Conferences or City Groups. This delivers an exponentially faster conversion process with multiple touch points.

Finally, at member immersion, there are 7 levels of Membership available all at different price points to suit all budgets; Gren, Purple, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Ruby and Black.



Executive Boardroom Created

A business education and training brand

European Brand Launch

Membership Site educational model, and subsequently expands operations into 12 client countries


USA Brand Launch

Techncal Development

Learning Management System;
Quiz Funnels; Gamification;
Dynamic Feedback Systems.


Platform Launch

Prototype Platforms relaunched and white labeled

TGE Team Assembled

Recruitment; Operational Development;
Technical Development; Market Development;
Community Development.


Foundation Expansion

Details in white paper

Initiatives Launched

Details in white paper