EXB Coin White Paper

Organization Structure and Governance

Strategic Relationships graphic


We intend to form two organizations serving the same strategic agenda. Both the Operating Company and the Foundation are served by a matrix structure. Divisional Heads shall be appointed for Education, Business Training, Peer Advisory Groups, and the Foundation, each responsible for their own P&L, yet sharing common services in Finance, Marketing, Sales, HR, and Operations. This keeps specific focus on each of the diverse applications of the common blockchain technology, and ensures operational efficiencies are leveraged accordingly.

The Operating Company, has acquired the heritage and trading history of the brand built up over the past nine years, and this expansion will allow the company to serve the education industry, the business training and seminar industry, and the peer advisory groups industry.

Executive Boardroom is a for-profit, members only, peer to peer, business education and training community network, serving the single purpose of a  significant and sustainable competitive advantage form members in their markets. This shall be achieved through better decisions, stronger activities, engaged teams, lower costs and bigger profits.

EXB Foundation is a non-profit charity, serving foundation level activities to further the advancement of entrepreneurial and facilitated human capital initiatives in education, and training. This shall be achieved through venture philanthropy, the awarding of micro loans, small business and educational loans, grants and donations to individuals, businesses and other foundations. We are going to create a self-sustaining venture philanthropy using micro payments, business loans, and some other platform charges that will go to the foundation.
One major perception of Charities is the percentage of donations which reaches the end users. It is our intent that the operating costs for our Foundation never reach more than 15%, meaning 85% of Foundation funds will reach the end users.

The Foundation objectives shall include:

  • The Reputation Strategy of the Token with purchasers and stakeholders
  • The Venture Philanthropy Strategy
  • Management of EXB Scholarships
  • Management of Micro Loans using EXB to members in emerging markets
  • Management of Small Business Loans using EXB to members
  • Management of Charitable Community Support
  • Business Coaching EXB Coin holders to Business Exit and M&A

The shared services scope of operations driving multiple and  separate categories of token liquidity and utility, across our own flagship platform, the blockchain integration on the platforms of accredited global partners, and token sponsors both at geopolitical and corporate levels.

For example. Country X may choose to directly, charitably donate EXB token to a special interest group or individuals in Country Y for use in their education, tracked through any accredited platform.

Or, Corporation A may choose to sponsor schools or children to achieve and learn, earning EXB token as rewards for achievement and progression steps.

The Board’s chairman and the directors will be elected by the Foundation. The Board of Directors (Foundation Charter) will be responsible for making key decisions of the Foundation, as well as reviewing strategic and material decisions. In addition, the Board of Directors would form board committees and delegate authority to those committees to carry out specific functions, such as a remuneration committee, a nomination committee and an audit committee.

The TGE will facilitate Executive Boardroom to hire the top talent in the global business education industry, enhance brand awareness through targeted marketing, as well as finance business and blockchain research and product development. The funds will also provide the ability for Executive Boardroom to establish first-mover advantage with a comprehensive user identity & verification wallet, integrated with a smart contract credibility creation system.