EXB Coin White Paper

Our Solution – The EXB Token and Executive Boardroom Platform

Our solution is to build a networked, business education community united around a common culture and vision – implementing proven strategies for faster results in their businesses.

Members participate at an appropriate level to gain competitive advantage in their markets  through their business education, community trust indicators, and knowledge innovation.

They will have immutable proof that their organizations and the people within them have the right competencies and achievements to be trusted.

Governments and Corporate Partners can see segmented performance of their interest groups,  even to an individual, anonymized level, directly relating the performance of their intended recipients, to their donations and sponsorship.

Speakers and Course providers can bring their products and services, and even through the help of AI, create exactly the right material to a highly qualified marketplace. Their own reputations are enhanced by holding to the quality standard.

This token fuels the world’s only business education and training community harnessing the blockchain ecosystem, for removing complex third parties from essential trust relationships in the new global knowledge economy.

We are creating a global token identity because it will stand as a symbol for and utility in trusted business education and community value exchanges beyond reproach. The decentralized, open source quality protocols will establish the closest vehicle possible to a global regulatory compliance standard in all business relationships, without interference or centralized control. The unique token symbolizes the outcome and brands the idea.

Members will use the EXB Token as a voucher to purchase Courses, Training, Networking Access, and Business Services. Many will raise their participation through the platform and use EXB as an exchange in trade deals between the members with global scope – removing the inefficiencies of fiat currencies, trade barriers, and contractual complexity.

Everything stems from our ability to make the learning experience highly personalized, capable of authentic knowledge transfer verified by smart contracts in the blockchain and the achievement of real skill by the user – certified and verified by smart contracts in the blockchain – and the only way to do that is to build a platform that delivers a dynamic experience around every unique user and their learning styles.

Personalizing Learning removes the major psychological barriers to lifelong learning;

  • People have a cognitive bias to the subject of learning based on their own history as it is seen as “work”21
  • Fewer than 13% of users in a typical online Course will finish it if left alone and unchecked22.
  • There is little extrinsic reward in learning alone, making it hard for students to remain motivated to complete.

This allows Executive Boardroom to build a culture of belonging, inclusion, and exclusivity simultaneously. Peer accountability and game culture will create competition and stimuli support in the form of token rewards and completion rebates to finish courses.

Members with a common culture and understanding, accepting EXB as a global standard of quality will easily trade with each other using EXB and will happily choose to do so because the platform blockchain simultaneously removes the fear consequences arising from distrust between unknown actors. This is due to the fact that it builds verification identities between known members  which in turn inflate psychological trust and reputation between the members.

Credibility Score
We shall use predictive analytics to create a “Credibility Score” for each person based on the aggregation of their influence, achievement and experience. The AI quantifies the competency attainment points and levels within the gamification and historical acquisition events, and by validating with qualitative behavioural data points gained from experience, attendance, meetings, quizzes, tests and voluntary profiling, predictive analytics shall build a Credibility Score for each person. This can be detailed and broken down into user-controlled, selective access to the Member Wallets.

Global Quality Standard
The full list of identified competencies which shall form the Global Quality Standard for both measuring Courses, and for awarding to students and members, is outside the scope of the white paper as a commercial sensitivity. However, the following example should illustrate the point, using a CV extract

Credibility Entry (an example of inside the verification wallet)
Anonymous Company Limited                                                          
Customer and Category Director                                                                                1996 – 2002

Channel Management  and Client Relationship Negotiations Customer P&L Director for Retailer, the 8th largest global account, leading a team of 35 people and a budget of £10m+ to a £75m Account plan and double digit growth. Managed categories in Chocolate, Ice Cream, Biscuits, Sugar, Occasions (Celebrations), Category Management, Shopper Marketing, Field Sales Servicing and Supply Chain.

Wallet Competencies
Gold Standard
Decision Making
Problem Solving
Technical Knowledge
Strategic Agility

Silver Standard
Team Orientation
Dealing with Ambiguity

Bronze Standard
Worklife Balance

Outline Of The Vision – Why A TGE?

Exchanging business growth strategies should be fast and borderless.  The company intends to become the world’s foremost Peer-to-Peer networked business education community.

A TGE allows us to achieve a wider scope in a faster timeframe, with a technology backbone that will enable us to disrupt the business education and training industries, reaching even into mainstream education. We are bringing access to skills and competency development to the disenfranchised, the unbanked,and all those with authentic, untapped potential. This adds millions of people to the entrepreneurial economy. In addition, we want to take token adoption and usage to mainstream business, bringing access to new human capital resources, and financial capital lending. 

To reach mainstream adoption, the underlying blockchain design and ecosystem shall deliver:

  1. An Engaged Community that delivers trust, certainty, and confidence to every Member that their business decisions are supported and validated by their Competent Peers. A community where belonging to the collective brings social mobility, personal growth, and prosperity.

    Executive Boardroom will leverage access to an existing ecosystem of millions of subscribers to drive demand and value for the EXB cryptocurrency and early Courses.

  2. A Transformational Education Model to explore, discuss, test, create and disseminate, best-practice business education, knowledge and skills confidentially between the Members so that all may benefit by modelling proven strategies and innovative business practices.

    Our founder, Mark Donnan has been working on competency acquisition models since his PhD research in 1995. Executive Boardroom will leverage the culminated experience of more than 22 years with an existing blended learning course creation process to speed the demand, expansion, and adoption of new Courses facilitated by the EXB token. Upon seeing this proposed EXB model, Professor Ul-Haq of Henley Business School was convinced it would change the world and agreed to become our Advisor and Non Executive Director.

  3. An Innovative Platform harnessing a combination of Best Practice transformation models in Blockchain Technology, Education, Innovation, and Employment opportunities to advance entrepreneurial flair among Small and Mid-Sized Business, Graduates, Senior Citizens retraining, and the transference of tangible skills between mature and emerging economies – all locked into the blockchain.

    Executive Boardroom will leverage an existing commercially viable platform which has been successfully constructed already using game theory, facilitation methodology, and community creation.

We want to make it easy for our Members to get a Sustainable Competitive Advantage through better decisions, stronger campaigns, engaged teams, lower costs, and job creation. They will be able to predict change long before being knocked off balance or knocked over.

Executive Boardroom, through EXB, is uniquely positioned to establish the first mass market business education standard and cryptocurrency by providing a platform that brings stability and trust to a chaotic market.