EXB Coin White Paper

Strategic Commercial Relationships

There shall be three main strategic business units for generating strategic commercial relationships:

  • Those served by the matrix organizational mode,
  • Our own Executive Boardroom platform, and
  • Accredited partners who do not use our platform, but are using the blockchain API integrations to utilize the token on their own platforms and infrastructures, as well as other charities, sponsors and corporations who will form venture philanthropy partnerships and commercial partnerships to use the token.

Strategic-Relationships-graphic (2)


1. The Executive Boardroom Platform shall be the flagship for the commercial business model, the “shop window”, operating in a blockchain enabled open source environment for maximum adoption.

The revenue stream in this channel shall come from:

  • The seven levels of membership subscriptions;
  • Sales of Courses not included in subscription fees;
  • Commissions from 3rd Party Offers and Sales Promotions from commercial partners, and other members;
  • Advertising revenue generated by banner placements and marketing campaigns;
  • Fees from Exhibition and Conference booths and sponsorships; and
  • Course accreditation fees from experts and course owners.

2. Accredited Partners shall be the strategic partnerships with other platform and institutions who do not wish to abandon their own platforms, but seek instead to harness the EXB Blockchain API and utility of the token on their own platforms.

They will be able to enhance their current offering, pulling down additional Courses and resources from the Knowledge Marketplace without reinventing their own offering while operating in a blockchain enabled open source environment for maximum adoption.

The revenue stream in this channel shall come from:

  • Platform accreditation fees;
  • Sales of Distribution Licenses;
  • Courses accreditation to meet the defined global standard;
  • Commission from Sales of Courses and resources made available from the knowledge marketplace on the partners own platform;
  • Consulting fees;
  • Technical integration fees, and
  • Micro payments by partners and members for accreditations and identity wallet entries going to the Foundation.

We anticipate strong partnerships and look forward to announcing significant relationships with existing multi-million dollar platforms and suppliers in the digital marketing industry during the TGE.  This will bring an almost unlimited leverage to their ability to access additional services to those they offer, including the uplift in sales and profits from the wider market reach they will achieve.

3. Sponsors shall be able to distribute the Platform, Courses, and Token within their Industries, or in the case of Governmental level, within their countries.

The cloud based nature of the platform, has the free open source level to encourage maximum adoption and global distribution. Paid and Enterprise levels of the platform technology allow for custom tailoring to any company or need.

Sponsors may purchase tokens for redistribution within their respective strategies, as well as advertise, sponsor, and run competitions for their brand development within the platform itself.

The revenue stream in this channel shall come from:

  • Platform integration fees,
  • Sales of Distribution Master Licenses,
  • Sponsorship fees,
  • Advertising revenues,
  • Sponsor hosted retreats and events, and
  • Micro payments by partners and members for accreditations and identity wallet entries shall go to the Foundation.

There is significant advantage and upside in strategic partnering. There are a significant number of global brands and services providers to businesses that will be able to leverage our community, finding all their customers in one place. We anticipate significant commercial relationships in Banking, Accounting, Facilities, Commercial Fleet providers, Luxury Brands, Aviation, Technology, Marketing, and other sectors, specifically led by our CSO, Mike Warren. We are at advanced stages in securing several heads of agreement with strategic partners.

We will build an ad exchange and automated digital marketing infrastructure to facilitate the Sponsors and Advertisers access to the community, with coordinated promotional activity and campaigns. Opportunities for sponsoring and advertising exist from the following five sources:

  1. Header Banner and Side Banner Advertising inside each Membership Level, which can even be personalized and targeted to the specific Member profile level;
  2. Sponsorship of each Webinar, Speaker Showcase, Online workshop, Online Meeting;
  3. Sponsorship of every Course;
  4. Sponsorship of Online Seminars, Topics, Forums; and
  5. Offline Sponsorships of City Groups, Event Halls, Booths, Receptions, Lunches, Tables, Parties, Masterminds, Live Streams, Point of Sale.  

An Illustration of Establishing Strategic Relationships

The following is an illustration of the plans to form Strategic Relationships and serves to highlight the commercial revenue potential from A and B in the matrix diagram above. It also serves to illustrate the leverage of the single technology platform by the operational share services, across the diverse market applications.

Establishing Strategic Relationships

An Activity Team consisting of Project Leader, Business Development, Trainer, and Events and Marketing are assigned a Target City and deployed to establish ground operations and presence in that City. They source and develop local relationships in that City with experts, businesses, sponsors, corporate partners, other charities, politicians, and educational institutions, over a three to four month period.

For the Foundation (see the intersection B in the matrix diagram) the Activity Team will, within those months allocated, have established links with education and corporate partners willing to engage in joint venture philanthropy, and they will establish a seed community of between 50-100 students or special interest groups, to own and deliver the City strategy. They shall have delivered events, workshops, trainings, recruited and inspired a local team to run with the strategy – handing over the reins before departing that City for the next one.

For the Operating Company (see the intersection A in the matrix diagram) they will have concluded marketing campaigns to seed and establish seminars, workshops, and a group of 15-20 businesses in a peer to peer mastermind group. They will have recruited and inducted a Chairperson to own the strategy and lead the group.

An allocated budget of $250k per City is sufficient to deliver the objectives, and at least a break-even return within the first year as a base scenario. See the projected returns section for an aggregated forecast.