EXB Coin White Paper

The Benefits to Critical Stakeholders

For Trainers, Experts and Course Creators

Before blockchain, there was no common standard of verified business education from vocational or academic learning. There was no way to verify the competency framework of any business education course. There is currently little protection against fraudulent course providers and false representations of competence and achievement. This makes the majority  of all courses courses sold variable in quality and content.

We will create the Global Quality Standard (GQS) for business education and training by which every course can be measured against 40 critical business competencies necessary for success with blockchain-enabled technology as a foundation, including smart contract verifications for immutable evidence. The specific blend of competencies held by individuals or needed in job roles are definable, which makes it easy to benchmark each course.

Every Course can now have a competency based delivery profile, measured and accredited against the top 40 competencies necessary for success.

For Example, Course A might deliver 6 of the top 30 competencies to a gold standard, while Course B might deliver 20 of the top 30, to varying degrees of gold, silver, and bronze levels.

The AI algorithms shall even learn over time, and make recommendations for Course titles and subject areas, which are needed to serve specific, emerging competency requirements.

Accredited Trainers, Experts, and Course Creators will be able to differentiate on a global scale, opening access to international markets, and a diversity of consumers for their teaching. They will have competitive advantage because they will be able to communicate their results with blockchain backed proof. They will be able to communicate through their marketing, how their course improves or adds value to an individual’s “credibility score.” (see below)

For Students, and Members of the Community

The concept of a credit score is well established in financial markets. Blockchain technology allows the aggregation of competencies and achievements to a mathematical algorithm, creating a “credibility score” for each person, made up from their cumulative experiences. 

Before blockchain, there was no “Carfax.com” for business acumen. No historical record of credibility existed other than the inefficient CV or Resume, that could not be checked, verified,  and standardized. EXB Coin will create a Members Directory and Identity Wallets with verified badges for skills, competency attainment, and certifications for academic and non-academic for individuals, businesses, universities, and charities to verify the education and credentials of an individual. 

These credentials include competencies attained, course completion, certificates, degrees, awards, career paths, and each with a pathway of micro-payments in token for maintaining the records.

Each person can have an immutable Credibility Score.

This will level the playing field between vocational and academic learning. It will permit skills based measurement allowing someone with no academic record, yet has tens of thousands of followers in social media, to realistically compete with a graduate in media studies through their credibility score.

Members will participate for token rewards, through gamification and the collecting of points and badges, by completing participation tasks and viral marketing tasks, which will add to their wallets. Thus, the community members can each complete very simple viral activities to add token rewards. There will also be an overriding and variable reward made available to users who complete their courses, a money-back offer reward for example.

Members will easily find and trade with other like-minded businesses, in any country, without risk of fraud, failure or misrepresentation based on quality, parity, and verified credentials. One business will be able to trade with another using smart contracts, knowing that each can be trusted – and each trained to the same stable standards of competency and business education.

For Sponsors, Advertisers, Distributors, and Platform Owners

For Sponsors and Advertisers, who will be driven to join and engage with the community, the commercial benefits of having a thriving and highly interactive community come through the “stickiness” of a highly engaged, profiled and responsive target market.  Just one of the huge wins:  all their customers in one place.

We shall build a blockchain enabled Ad Exchange for advertisers which will serve as part of a Marketing service within the platform, and Advertisers will be facilitated to deliver highly targeted and highly relevant campaigns, within courses, events, seminars, conferences and exhibitions.

We shall offer a revolutionary, anonymized, data interrogation algorithm for advertisers and sponsors to find and promote to prospects with the highest propensity for their products and services, spanning psychological needstates, psychographics , geographics, demographics, credibility scores, behavioural scores, and participation points, spanning billions of records.

Sponsors too will have significant opportunities to associate their brands and marketing messages with every significant touch point in the community, from Macro event and venue sponsorships, even down to the granular level of specific online lessons, if appropriate. All of which will be utilizing EXB Tokens as the medium of exchange.

Our vision extends beyond our own platform, however. Before blockchain, there were thousands of Learning Management Systems, (LMS) in a fragmented but growing E-learning industry. Each with a different centralized view of delivery style, course creation, and student or course management. Very few platforms delivered personalized user experiences, and fewer still were built around the reinforcement of values or skills and competencies. There was no global scope.

The digital market for using tokens on websites is already valued in the billions.  We shall open the EXB Blockchain, through API integration, to the entire LMS industry and the token adoption to their own platforms will bring significant cost and performance benefits:

  1. Lower transaction costs than using fiat banking systems.

  2. Removal of merchant account chargebacks and refund charges.

  3. A significantly improved course completion rate because of the gamified token economy. As users and members progress through the steps to completion, Platform Owners can set their own reward levels using micropayments as rewards – and the use of tokens for completions, certification, and even discounts (creating a carrot on a stick approach), all of this makes adoption of EXB Blockchain very attractive. It serves a higher likelihood of repeat sales and retained customers.

  4. More focused targeting of additional products and services, based on the data derived from the AI algorithms and predictive analytics, (taken from gamified course completion and credibility scores) which can make personalized learning pathways for jobs, competencies, and career aspirations.

  5. The unique blockchain signature afforded each Course and the Wallet integration also serves as a disincentive to Copyright theft, and illegal piracy, since any unauthorized sharing of the course or course content cannot feed the credibility scores or wallets of unapproved consumers. The result:  Platform Owners will sell more of their authentic content.

  6. Platform Owners can reach a significantly wider market population by adopting tokens and reaching the vast scale of the digitally enabled, but unbanked global population made possible because the token economy is both classless and borderless.

  7. The ability for the Platform Owners to make use of the blockchain elements will add significant marketing and brand value to their lists, through proof and trust. The Course Global Quality Standard adds credibility badges to all their courses, and feeding data into the users Credibility Score and Identity Wallets add further added benefits to each platform owner without the need to invest resources to reinvent this coding.

We will create an Open Source, blockchain enabled platform to incorporate a Values Reinforcement System (VRS) which will deliver hyper-personalized learning channels for highest individual engagement. People will learn as they prefer to learn, not forced to.

A cloud-based knowledge marketplace will allow accredited platform partners to select their own education offering and inventory. Their users can select their own training path, and artificial intelligence shall learn which path is best for each unique user and report it to the platform owners and course creators. This levels the playing field for people who didn’t (or couldn’t afford to) go to University and introduces millions of talented people to Opportunity.

Giving people what they need in exactly the way they prefer to learn and rewarding them in tokens for participating and achieving every micro step will transform course completion rates

for the industry as a whole, with one of the strongest global digital tokens in common adoption.

For Governments, Charities, and Institutions

A significant part of the project will be to establish a philanthropic Foundation to support business education in developing countries and among young people.

Adoption of a token economy in doing so will make a significant impact on the two billion adults comprising the world’s unbanked population.

There is still more work to be done to expand financial inclusion among women and the poorest households. More than half of adults in the poorest 40 percent of households in developing countries were still without accounts in 2014”.  WorldBank.org 17

The governments and corporations donating to our Foundation will, through smart contracts, be able to see that the money they give goes directly to the end user.  Additionally, they will have directly measured dashboards of performance on the progress of each person or group they have directly sponsored. This will highlight the human capital returns gained as a direct result of their donations, an opportunity already discussed with several Country Ambassadors to deliver specific training and education via our platform and token.

The Foundation shall award and process applications for micro loans at low interest rates and receive micro payments for the identity wallets as venture philanthropy. It shall award scholarships, and grants for continuing education and research.

EXB Foundation shall raise donations through strategic relationships and partnerships for emerging economies, underprivileged target groups, small startups, and the advancement of knowledge to solve the global problem.

High quality courses combined with “sticky” values rewards and skills transformation will create an immutable proof of progress feeding into the Identity Wallets for individuals and engagement verification. Thus, delivering entrepreneurial flair among small and midsize business owners, graduates, senior citizen retraining, and the transfer of measurable skills between mature and emerging markets.

Educational institutions adopting our token economy can also provide a paid activity through newly created companies to all alumni to update historical records into the identity wallets, and benefit from these verification services with no additional cost to themselves.   

The remainder of this EXB White Paper will discuss the business proposition in more detail. It shall explore more fully the problem, our solution, and vision, with specific emphasis on the adoption of blockchain technology to consolidate evolutionary business models to a common global cause.

Please remember our earlier invitation to retain in mind, that each of the business uses described in this document, are leveraging one single operational backbone in blockchain.  Once technology has been established, it is essentially a leveraging of marketing implementation.

Executive Boardroom, through EXB is uniquely positioned to establish the first mass market business education standard and crypto token by providing a platform that brings stability and trust to a chaotic market.