EXB Coin White Paper

The EXB Blockchain Technology

The EXB technology platform is intended to be made available to anyone around the world through a set of Open APIs, where local education methods can easily be added to the EXB platform and students can easily access all available education methods. These Open APIs aim to enable private and public education organizations such as universities, colleges, training companies as well as their affiliates and to add global education methods into their existing portfolio of services and products based on existing affiliate, partner or accredited educator structure described above.

Primary Technical Components

  1. EXB Coin: Will be a custom Ethereum-based token used for crowdfunding of the EXB Blockchain project and also the exchange of value across the EXB ecosystem. Our choice of the Ethereum network and technology for the token is based on the general availability and support for the ERC-20 standard for wallets and exchanges.    In short, the ERC-20 defines a common list of rules for all Ethereum tokens to follow, meaning that this particular token empowers developers of all types to accurately predict how new tokens will function within the larger Ethereum system.

    The impact that ERC-20 therefore has on developers is significant, as projects do not need to be redone each time a new token is released. Rather, they are designed to be compatible with new tokens, provided those tokens adhere to the rules. Developers of new tokens have by-and-large observed the ERC-20 rules, meaning that most of the tokens released through Ethereum initial coin offerings are ERC-20 compliant.

  2. EXB Cloud Services: Will be open and available for all EXB users that register themselves, market classes or other knowledge content, manage microloans and provide EXB coin services. All initial EXB cloud services will be hosted and managed centrally by Executive Boardroom. The initial services will be:

    • EXB Knowledge Marketplace: This will be a web-based platform for sharing, selling and transacting on EXB-compliant courseware.

    • EXB Community Services: These will be web-based services to support the community of EXB, fostering course development, knowledge sharing and community among knowledge creators and knowledge consumers.

    • EXB Platform Community: This will be the open-source developer community for EXB platform developers.  It will consist of common open-source community services.  Specifically, a forum, github repository, feature requests, download services and the like.

    • EXB MicroLending Platform: This will also be a web-based platform for managing microloans based on the EXB token.  The system will have all functions and features required for the management of microloans including loan applications, payment and visibility for investors in the loans.  This will be centrally managed and run by EXB.

  3. EXB Open Platform:The current Learning Management System (LMS) and platform will be open-sourced and made available for free via typical open-source project philosophies. We will offer a community edition for free download, along with SaaS and Enterprise versions, with services paid in EXB Coin.
    Since the EXB Platform will be open-source, the platform itself will be developed in a transparent community, allowing all to participate in the community edition of the product.  More advanced versions of the product will be made available in the future for incremental fees.

    The platform is initial developed on a wordpress back-end, and the EXB components are built as plug-ins and various theme/media components.   The choice of WordPress is based on adoption and low cost across the world.  WordPress sites are ubiquitous and very easy for most organizations to manage.  Our objective is to get the platform into as many hands as possible.

    The server-side requirements are very standard, available by most web hosts. 

    • Any PHP supported operating system (typically Linux)
    • Any PHP supported Web Server (typically apache)
    • PHP version 7.2 or greater.
    • MySQL version 5.6 or greater OR MariaDB version 10.0 or greater.
    • HTTPS support

  4. EXB Blockchain API: This open API will provide basic functions for availability onto the EXB Blockchain network.  Access to the API will be paid by users in EXB coin.

    The API will expose various cloud functionality to the developer community via rest api. The types of services will be outlined in phase 1, but initially contemplated as:

    • Register an individual
    • Register an organization
    • Register a class
    • Register a credential
    • Query an individual
    • Query an organization
    • Query a class
    • Query a credential

      Each “entity” will be assigned a unique blockchain ID and the associated details will be stored in each block on the EXB blockchain using industry standard XML.   Executive boardroom will host the schemas for each entity and entity type as part of our cloud services.

  5. EXB Blockchain: The EXB Blockchain will be the primary store of data and logic in the EXB ecosystem. It will leverage smart contracts for unique requirements of the ecosystem

    The EXB blockchain will be a private implementation of the ethereum technology stack based on the Quorum (supported by JP Morgan) implementation. EXB will initial host up to four nodes, based in all major global regions all running on major cloud provider infrastructure. Known participants, such as universities or other organizations can participate in the network as a node and potentially earn EXB coins as part of their compensation for contributing to the network.

    The EXB blockchain data will be available for query via the EXB Blockchain API, or other ethereum browser technology which we will provide as part of our open-source stack.



A blockchain-based Registrar Service will be used to secure, authenticate and authorize the registration of such Accredited Education Partners and to facilitate business engagement between all participants.

The EXB API will provide primary access to the EXB Blockchain for update, create, add, and dismiss functions.  Read functions will be available via standardized wallets. Subject to gas restrictions and costs, Entry and acceptance functions shall be subject to micro payments.

Some initial API functions include:

  • EXB Participant Register API
  • EXB Service Publishing API
  • EXB Discovery API
  • EXB KYC API (Process, Enquiry, Renew)
  • EXB Participant Verification API
  • EXB Education Service API
  • EXB Education Partner/Affiliate API
  • EXB Rating API

We will adopt a progressive and phased development approach to move our industry-proven education platform onto a blockchain-based platform, as blockchain technology matures. At the same time, the open nature of the EXB platform will assist it to become ready for real-world mass deployment.

The Ethereum platform and blockchain network will be used initially for the registration and platform access services in Phase I. As blockchain technology matures in terms of latency and throughput, other transaction processing services are expected to be migrated onto blockchain platforms and layers.

Selection of the technology on which to deploy Phase II & III will be closely monitored. Currently there are three main possible considerations:

Development Roadmap

Version 1: 2018

Version 2: 2019

Version 3: 2020



  • V1 Release (Community Edition)
  • Open Source Community / Forum
  • SaaS Version

Cloud Services

  • Professional Profile
  • V1 Certification (KYC)
  • Knowledge Marketplace (and integration to Platform)
  • Initial EXB Blockchain API

EXB Blockchain

  • Base certification framework

EXB Coin

  • Token Creation
  • Initial Smart Contract
  • Token Pre-Release
  • TGE


  • V2 Release (Enterprise Edition)

Cloud Services

  • Professional Profile – Enhancements
  • V2 Certification (Jobs / Education)
  • Microloan platform

EXB Blockchain

  • Jobs Certification
  • Education Certification

EXB Coin

  • Follow On Sales
  • Token Sales for Services in
  • Platform


  • V3 Release (Community Driven)

Cloud Services

  • Professional Profile – Enhancements
  • Certification Enhancements (Community Driven)

EXB Blockchain

  • Certification Enhancements (Community Driven)

EXB Coin

  • Follow On Sales


  • V4 Release (Community Driven)

Cloud Services

  • Professional Profile – Enhancements
  • Certification Enhancements (Community Driven)
  • Foundation Partners

EXB Blockchain

  • Certification Enhancements (Community Driven)
  • Smart Contract Trading

EXB Coin

  • Follow On Sales
  • Foundation Activity