EXB Coin White Paper

The EXB Open Platform (Platform-as-a-service, Paas)

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Every Course Program hosted and delivered through Executive Boardroom can be consumed on any device at any time – in video, audio, pdf, or transcript – with all actions collated and controlled by algorithms to award points, achievement badges, and certification – all immutably recorded in the blockchain – acting as a verification record like a “credibility score”. This makes for hyper-personalization in the user experience.

In addition, there will be:

  • Asset rich educational content for self-guided learning, and
  • Facilitated workshops, discussions, and group moderation from subject matter experts, Speakers, and “Chairs”.

Seven Membership Levels

Ranging from free entry through paid participation levels to exclusive invitation only events shall cater to all budgets and rewards. All memberships shall be available at a discount to the dollar rate if purchased using EXB.

  • Green Members join for free and get up to $3,500 worth of membership courses, events and services with the aim of having members personally ‘adopt’ the brand, believing in the membership and their participation.
  • Purple Members pay an annual subscription ($1,188), and get a deeper level of involvement and access to different experience based online courses, events, and meetings. Purple also get a Verified Profile entry into the global members directory and an allocated Token balance as part of their membership, which they can use to purchase and participate within the public trading directory.
  • Gold Members pay a higher annual subscription ($3,300) with an even deeper level of involvement and access rights to Courses and Events which are locked to lower levels. Gold Members also have an allocated Token balance as part of their membership. Gold Members are free to trade with each other in an exclusive trading forum using EXB at a discounted rate to fiat currencies.
  • Platinum Members for their subscription ($15,000) shall have widest access to all courses, and the first level of VIP Meeting access – segregated seating, exclusive venues, speaker, and Expert access. These will form the basis of the City Groups. They also receive EXB Vouchers to redeem with verified Educators, Mentors, and Services Providers, and trading with each other.
  • Diamond Members pay the next level of annual subscription ($25,475) receive everything available to the Platinum Members, in addition to receiving EXB Vouchers to redeem with verified Services Providers, and are likely to be involved in exclusive mastermind activities as part of their subscription level.  Diamond Members are also free to trade with each other in the exclusive trading forum using EXB at a discounted rate to fiat currencies.
  • Ruby Members with the highest level of membership ($75,000) have unfettered access to all Courses and Events, as the higher level of VIP Membership, and City Membership. Members joining offline geography based Mastermind groups with Speakers as guests, mentors and guests. and shall have inclusive personal coaching, or specific consulting services as part of their subscription level.  They also receive EXB Vouchers to redeem with verified Educators, Mentors, and Services Providers, and trading with each other.
  • Black Members are the most exclusive level of paid membership and accepted by invitation and member consensus vote only. The retreats and experiences shall model a “Necker Island” level of exclusivity for the highest participating members, and shall be available after 2019.

Events and Meetings

Events will be hosted by Subject Matter experts on their topics and by Chairs for a broader church of content by subject category.  There will be:

  • Speaker showcase events to the general member population,
  • Mentoring and consulting from experts at the highest member levels,
  • Peer to peer advisory boards and offline meeting groups, and
  • Geographically based mastermind peer groups.

The EXB platform is designed to be open at the base level to any participants. The processing platform will provide a set of standard Open APIs for unified communication / protocol among participating entities that wish to verify. Partial Decentralization also entails that participants should direct how EXB operates and develops over time, as further described below.

Open APIs will be available to other education institutions and other service/channel providers and anyone who is interested in participating in the education ecosystem. The system will utilize distributed ledger and blockchain technology, as well as smart contracts for various modules of its technology stack.

This shall create a perfect platform for business consultants and mentors to market their services to the community, which shall encourage them to join as Members to the Platinum and Diamond levels in order to access the higher net worth members.

Eliminating Inefficiencies

The EXB platform will facilitate and enable the participants to connect to other participants seamlessly. Participating service providers will use a set of Open APIs to integrate and register their identities on the EXB platform.

Participants could easily publish their service scopes and capabilities to the EXB platform. The service providers will also define their requirements for potential clients at KYC level. As such, they will have exposure across the EXB platform’s community and could promote themselves to the EXB platform proactively, making their services accessible and readily available for participants and the EXB platform. With EXB platform as the marketplace, the marketing efforts by service providers could be optimized with service publishing functions.

EXB will launch an EXB Ad Exchange where services providers can promote their Courses, Services, and Products in a fully transparent way within the personalised platform, segmented and tailored to the members identity and profile. All transactions will be in EXB on a per view or per-click basis.

Driving Innovation and New Economies

Participants inside the community will themselves contribute new innovative solutions in order to shape the EXB platform and develop it in a way that could benefit all participants. Participants could potentially create new functionalities and new economies on top of the EXB platform that support students, consumers, and the education community.

Innovation from participants and the creation of new economies should promote the EXB platform as a global unified education platform.

Enabling Financial Inclusion

The EXB platform aims to lower the barriers to access world class education globally at affordable rates and at necessary depth. Partners could provide more education options to the ecosystem while the ecosystem of EXB Platform could potentially connect to other education organization globally and bring them onboard.   EXB Platform aims to extend its reach into developing economies in a cost effective manner.

Currently, the unbanked population has limited access to non-cash education methods due to limitations in banking infrastructure and high barriers to entry for credit facilities. Lack of access to the internet and computers makes education in remote locations almost impossible.  By using the APIs connected to the EXB platform, new solutions for the unbanked could be included in the education ecosystem.  Multi channel and device agnostic education model of EXB Platform further enables students from all over the world to access this education.

With these features, the EXB platform should encourage more innovation, and better quality services and capabilities when compared to existing traditional education in private and public sectors for all participants in the ecosystem, barrier-free.

This will extend beyond just education. We will have created a competency and credibility profile not only for individuals, but for companies too, which makes it easier for the banking and finance world to trust that the members are more competent in business and a better steward of loans and finance.

This lends itself further to our strategic partnerships strategy where our partners will be able to offer better rates for services like accounting, banking, merchant facilities to better trusted members than the general business population.