EXB Coin White Paper

Token Economics

As seen from the previous section, this TGE can create a successful operating structure with as little capital as $6 million.  With this amount, it would take longer to generate the expected results because we have a modular phasing to the implementation plan. We intend to use every available resource generated through the TGE to do so.

Additionally, we don’t need to sell all the available tokens to generate sufficient capital to do so.  We have chosen to offer maximum value to all early purchasers and adopters by selling the maximum availability now.

EXB will offer EXB Coins through an TGE conducted on the schedule shown below. The TGE will be conducted in USD, and initial buyers will receive 50 EXB tokens in return for each $1.

Ether and Bitcoin buyers shall receive a variable amount fixed to the $ price. 

Our smart contract will automatically convert and deliver a corresponding number of EXB tokens to the buyer’s wallet.


Target / Limit





June 2018

Initial Seed and Development

Initial Offering


September 2018

Phase 2 Development

Soft Cap


November 2018


Hard Cap


December 2018


The Seed capital contributors, and large institutional purchasers are locked in for 6 months following the conclusion of the TGE

EXB is available to buy with

USD, ETH, BTC, and probably several other digital currencies


Target Price

Tokens For Sale

Total Tokens




Divisible to 8 decimal places

All tokens shall be issued in the genesis block.

The token shall be listed on a number of relevant Exchanges, with a budget set aside to achieve the desired listings. Other than being instantly available on Ether Delta, we anticipate a listing on HitBTC, Lykke and one of the other major Token Exchanges.

Any Tokens unsold following the TGE will continue to be sold at market rate. This is to all end users from the individual to governments. 

token utility