EXB Coin White Paper

White Paper Introduction

This Token Generation Event (“TGE”) is different from the norm. It is not simply an idea, it is a visionary strategy that will challenge the inefficient status quo in three existing markets.  The TGE will leverage the power of blockchain to disrupt those three markets, through one technology solution, thereby creating lasting value for all token owners.

This is a detailed proposal which has been prepared for your scrutiny.  You are invited to remember throughout how each of the business uses described in this document are leveraging one single operational backbone in blockchain. While we present the adoption of a Utility Token through a TGE, for ease of use in mass market branding and adoption, we refer to the token as “EXB Coin.”

The White Paper you are about to read is based on four years of preparation, built on an underlying company that has invested in, and tested the delivery fundamentals. Yet it has still managed to achieve growth each year while doing so. This TGE holds credibility for anyone choosing to buy into the vision, own the token, support the mission, and be a part of bringing about global change for millions of people.

Two of the biggest and challenging questions facing any TGE from purchasers are:

1. Does the business model have credibility beyond a concept? is it worth buying into?

2. Does the Token have a realistic expectation of being used, reused, and adopted by a market, thus retaining and growing its value over time?

This White Paper shall answer both these questions and in doing so, lay out the credibility of the business model, the blockchain technology, the utility of the token, and the team behind it. It shall touch upon the needs and problems addressed by this token, and why we believe it can become established as a Top 20 performer in terms of market adoption.

This TGE is the future of measuring, improving, and maintaining Human Capital, which is the single point of weakness in any economy or company. The prize for the global economy is trillions of dollars in savings and profits while changing the lives of millions of people who are otherwise being left behind by a broken system.

Human Capital is defined as “the skills, knowledge, and experience possessed by an individual or population, viewed in terms of their value or cost to an organization or country.”

This project is initially about business education, training, and trading within a global community using a decentralized platform of data driven AI, to solve the biggest risks to personal prosperity and business growth, in any market. It is a global shift in personal empowerment and entrepreneurial success – while raising the value and delivery of people and organizations. It will eventually extend its ideals into traditional education. The natural expansion of the underlying vision will eventually bring about, and stimulate disruptive change, in the way we educate our children.